Sparkles and shines! Smells like new!

Save & Serve carries a large variety of low-cost essential items and household furniture. When shopping with us, you get the convenience of department store selection at thrift shop prices. Shop often – you never know what you may find for the fancy or the frugal!

Rotate and Restock – It’s always a new store!

We have new items arriving in the store every day! Our colored tag system keeps things fresh and moving. Check out the half price and 25 cent rack for special discounted items each week.


Special Features

Our volunteer designers keep the store attractive with creative displays! Find seasonal features throughout the year – with a large selection for Christmas and other holidays. Come enjoy their arrangements and let it spark your creativity!


Gift Certificates

A perfect way to share the love of thrift.  Certificates can be printed for any amount over $5. Surprise your friends, teachers, crafters and neighbors – perfect for the bargain hunter in your life!

Further Features

Plain Clothing

Holmes County has a large Amish and Mennonite population. We sell a variety of plain clothes, hats and bonnets.

Fitting Rooms

Four fitting rooms provide customers with plenty of space to look in the mirror. Not your fit? That’s fine; place clothing items on the rack and a volunteer will place it back on display.

Variety & Curiosity

Our donors continue to provide a wide spectrum of antiques and collectibles! Due to their unique value, these specialty pieces are marked with a white tag.  White tagged items are NOT on the weekly discount rotation.

Shop Rags

Whether you’re a mechanic tuning engines, a carpenter varnishing furniture or a janitor – Save & Serve will supply you with rags for the job. All cloth is at least 50% cotton. Please call to ensure we have the number of boxes you need in stock!