April 17, 2017

Winning Ways

I find it easy to talk about Save & Serve – credit that in part to my length of time here as a manager, going on twelve years.  But beyond that, there are so many good things to share that happen at Save & Serve.

We often talk about the activities here as a win-win-win for everyone.  Our donors benefit by having a place to donate items they no longer need.  While freeing up space at home, they can donate with the knowledge that they are helping others.  Save & Serve benefits both local folks who may discover a good “find” in our shop, as well as meeting the needs of people around the world through the shop’s proceeds.

For volunteers, there are many personal benefits. Maybe I’m making a new friend or deepening an existing friendship.  Maybe I get to use a talent that I’ve developed through past experience, or add to my skill set through doing something new.  I may also get the satisfaction of knowing that my gift of time is helping someone else, whether that is in Ethiopia or Syria or here in the United States.

The benefit for our customers seems pretty straightforward, whether it’s saving money when shopping for clothing or finding a collectible piece.  And yet we hear from shoppers that it’s a “win” also in how other needs are met here too. A place to relax after work.  Finding pleasure or ideas in the creativity and beauty of our ever-changing displays.

I think of the environment and extending the life of material goods.  While it may be somewhat of a token act, this is one more way that we can “think green” and care for creation.

Beyond what we can see and experience here at the store, folks around the world are benefiting by the work of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).  How does this “win” happen? The proceeds from Save & Serve are sent on a monthly basis to meet human needs through the work of MCC.  It’s the subject of future blogs, but MCC is involved in over 50 countries, working with partner organizations, to provide relief from suffering, for community development, and for peace initiatives.

Save & Serve is a win-win-win for everyone, wouldn’t you agree?

So tomorrow, when I provide a tour to a local church group that is coming to learn about our shop, I will find it easy to share what happens here.  I can speak about all the different benefits -for donors, volunteers, customers, the environment, and folks around the world.

If you haven’t been to Save & Serve, I invite you to come catch a glimpse of this busy little place.  Out in the store and behind the scenes, good things are happening.

You say that you are already connected to Save & Serve?  I’m curious – how would you say that it is a “win” for you?

—Eric Raber